Ranking Raiders last 10 first-round draft picks from bust to best

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1. Kolton Miller (Drafted 15th overall in 2018)

The Raiders were criticized for taking Kolton Miller when they did in 2018 but the joke has been on all of those people, as Miller has gone on to be a consistent force on their offensive line. Miller started every game in both 2018 and 2019 and didn't look great. Fortunately, by Year 3, he started to look like the player the Raiders were expecting when they made him a first-round pick.

In 2020, Miller finished the year with a PFF grade of 73.0. He continued to improve, earning an 84.0 PFF grade in 2021, an 84.1 grade in 2022, and an 80.2 grade in 2023. He signed a three-year extension worth $54 million in the 2021 offseason and will be in line for another big pay day following the 2025 season.

Miller gets the top spot on these rankings because A) He's still on the team and B) It's a lot harder to find a franchise left tackle than it is a franchise running back. Miller might have looked like a weird pick at the time but he's proven himself as a solid left tackle and he's still donning the silver and black. He's been the Raiders' best first-round pick in their last 10 attempts.