Raiders Keys to Victory against the New York Giants in 2023 Week 9

The Las Vegas Raiders new head coach is taking on his old team as the Raiders get to stay home with the New York Giants traveling to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to put the chapter of bad football decisions and lack of offensive movement behind them. As the Raiders turn a new page, the team and fans are ready to make the most of it.

Antonio Pierce was named the interim head coach for the Las Vegas Raiders giving the team a much-needed intensity they've lacked since Jack Del Rio left the team. The last view Raider Nation had of Josh McDaniels was Davante Adams slamming his helmet in frustration and the look of fear in McDaniels eyes as he knew his time was up.

This week, the Raiders take on a Giants team that has had issues of its own including a bottom 10 offense and a defense that hasn't played up to the standards of New York press. While the Raiders are still in a position to make the playoffs if they win out, the Giants are playing for their jobs at this point of the season.

Here are a few ways the Raiders can win this game:

Raiders Keys to Victory against the New York Giants in 2023 Week 9

Get to the quarterback

Whether it's Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor, or another player, the Giants offensive line is one of the worst in the league this season. If there's a time for Tyree Wilson to finally break out, it's this week. Helping the Raiders this week will be the sense of relief Allegiant Stadium will feel with Josh McDaniels no longer in the building giving a spark to a team that has lacked it this season.

Pierce called on the leaders of the locker room, including Adams and Crosby, to pick up the leadership torch and help him lead the team to victory. This week, a major key is to pin the ears back and rush the passer.

Get Davante the ball

It seems obvious to use one of the best receivers in the game but yet, here we are. The Raiders let Derek Carr go in free agency despite trading for Adams, a teammate of Derek Carr's in college. The two put up historic numbers last season and yet this season, it's a different story.

Jimmy G missed two (touchdowns?) long passes to Adams which led to Adams throwing his helmet in disgust on the sidelines. Still in the prime of his career, Adams had no words to express (or he did, but they weren't TV-appropriate) for how mad he was. Josh Jacobs even chimed in saying "It's not my job" to figure out how to get the offense going.

One thing is for sure, get Davante the ball for goodness sake.

Defense must play with intensity

The first word that comes to mind with Antonio Pierce is intense. The former Giants player and Super Bowl champion made his presence known to the team and to the media that he doesn't mess around. That same intensity needs to be on the defense.

The Raiders defense has been one of the worst in the NFL this season, particularly on third-down and getting off the field. The Raiders boast a 70% defensive third down rate and have the worst time on the field with an average of 4:27 every drive. The secondary and defensive line need to play like they know what they are doing this weekend.