Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins Could Swap Picks


Sep 28, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas (30) drives through the Oakland Raiders defense during the second half of the game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

It is the final month of buildup before the 2015 NFL Draft takes place, which means it is the final month of insider buzz regarding the high profile first round moves from all 32 NFL teams. A new report seemingly coming out each day to grab headlines and add to the speculation.

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When it comes to Oakland the biggest stories are regarding whether the team drafts a wideout or a pass rusher inside of the Top 5 of the first round, or if the team decides to trade down below their fourth overall pick altogether to add picks later in the draft. Trading down something that doesn’t seem enticing with the talent near the top of the draft this year, but something that is always a possibility if the right offer is presented to Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie.

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According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, there is at least one team interested in the Raiders fourth overall pick via trade and in a surprising turn it is not a team looking to get into the Top 5 to select Marcus Mariota. Cole hearing buzz that a front office are looking to swap with the Raiders in order to grab one of the top wideouts in the draft.

B/R’s NFL insider is reporting that the Miami Dolphins are looking to get inside of the Top 10 of the first round, potentially negotiating with the Raiders in a swap for the 14th overall pick. Both franchises already doing a similar swap when Oakland traded down to select DJ Hayden. Cole claiming that it is unlikely, but presently possible with the Dolphins looking around to get into the range in which they can draft either Amari Cooper or Kevin White.

Drafting 14th, it is unlikely that the Raiders would do business with Miami unless they were offering an additional second or third round pick to entice McKenzie into dropping down ten spots. Even then the move could be debatable as Oakland need franchise talent, something they have a higher chance of getting inside of the Top 5.

This report is something to consider, but ultimately one that is hard to believe as the Raiders are looking for elite prospects that simply are less likely to be available when the 14th pick comes around. Because of that don’t expect Oakland and Miami to be doing business for a second time in McKenzie’s tenure when it comes to a first round tradedown.