Oakland Raiders Interested In Darrelle Revis (Again)


During 2014 NFL Free Agency the Oakland Raiders tried in vain to get one of the game’s greatest cornerbacks of all time in Darrelle Revis from Tampa Bay to the Bay Area, failing to land a home run after swinging for the fences on a player who would have significantly bolstered their secondary by adding another future Hall of Fame defensive back to the mix alongside safety Charles Woodson.

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Revis eventually landed in New England as a rental for the Patriots, a move that paid off in the end as Revis won a Super Bowl with a team that was once his most fierce rival in the AFC East. Now that rental is coming to an end as New England won’t be picking up the $20 million option on the cornerback and the veteran is back on the market looking for a team that is going to continue his run of big paydays since reaching superstardom with the New York Jets.

According to San Francisco Chronicle insider Vic Tafur, the Raiders will once again be in the mix for Revis as an outside contender for the 29 year old defensive back. Last year the Raiders lost out to a Super Bowl contender, but general manager Reggie McKenzie appears undeterred over his missing out on Revis in 2014 and will reportedly be pursuing a timeshare on Revis Island yet again.

Tafur noted that the Raiders are again going to be an outside team when trying to land Revis, their lack of credentials in terms of being an emerging contender likely to turn off the cornerback when it comes to signing with Oakland.

If the Raiders were too land Revis, it would be at an astronomical rental price. A price that likely would be over the $20 million option that the Patriots declined to pick up to put Revis back on the open market. McKenzie has the cap space to pay that price as the Raiders have money to burn and a two year deal would help them reach the cap floor without mortgaging their future needs in locking up promising draft picks such as Derek Carr or Khalil Mack. If Revis wants money above all else, that is something that easily could be arranged on a deal that could suit both sides at a large pricetag for a short amount of years.

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However the Raiders problem is their lack of an ability to sell the potential to win games or make the playoffs to Revis. Obviously signing the cornerback would improve their playoff hopes considerably, but it is hard to convince a player coming off winning a Super Bowl that a team that was 3-13 in 2014 should be on his radar for potentially free agency destinations. Money talks only so much and if Revis is wanting to land on a contender for a second straight season you can expect the Raiders to be out of the running quickly.

If the Raiders could land Revis on a short term rental contract it would be a massive boost to a team that needs big name signings to bring excitement into the franchise as fans are expecting the team to make a push in free agency to hopefully build a roster that can finally win some games after the long rebuilding process to get to this point. At 29, Revis has a lot to give to a team, particularly a team like the Raiders who have big needs at cornerback that could be solved by acquiring an every down player at the position who is known for being able to contain some of the best wideouts in the game on a consistent basis.

That is something the team has lacked since the days of Charles Woodson and Nnmadi Asomugha which explains why McKenzie has an infatuation with Revis that will extend to another free agency period. McKenzie is unlikely to land Revis, but you have to admire the general manager for trying his best to convince a Hall of Fame talent to come to Oakland to bring some elite talent onto the roster. You never know, the Raiders vault of salary cap funds may actually entice Revis this time, even if that is an unlikely scenario at the end of the day.